One Chase Manhattan Plaza is now 28 Liberty. But Liberty is also no longer what it once was.

"Current forms will not last; they will not be able to hold themselves together." – Unknown source

Aspirational names of materials might change due to market preferences.


A studio to which a lunch basket is delivered on a daily basis surely makes for a good place to think about utopia.

The acanthus leaf has been stylized into ubiquitous architectural ornaments within Western architecture, yet its living plant is unassuming and mostly overlooked.

I propose the suspension of both the linearity and hierarchy that defines the relationship between a model and its built structure and instead to bring their respective qualities into coexistence.

In New York's Financial District of 1856, a fictional person decided to refuse–irreversably–to do his job. In 2009/2010 my studio was located in the same district. It prompted me to reconsider the story.

Pieces of Eight

As the name suggests, the 'Master Narrative' is a storytelling device designed to dominate other viewpoints and experiences and should therefore be challenged.

I perceive marble as a physical recorder of its own making and therefore a time-based medium.